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Wild And Free (2000)

Wild and Free (2000)
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Wild And Free (2000)
Wild And Free (2000)

About book: An absolutely Fantastic read... KA has kept the best for last! I felt like I waited fro AGES for this one but oh man, was it worth the wait! Abel was smoking hot and (De)Lilah was a trademark KA leading lady; fierce, strong, loyal and funny. Callum and Lucien were hot and sexy, but Abel... HOT DAMN! that man made me squirm in my seat regularly throughout the book. Would recommend this to anyone, whether you like paranormal or not! Wow!! And i am still having my post-book depression after finishing this story.The third book started out fast-paced and it sort of kept the speed throughout. Never really a dull moment and the whole story reads out like a trilogy movie that can rival the Twilight series coz this one is most definitely more kick-ass and cool. You get a motley of supernaturals here: the vampire, the werewolves, the hybrid, witches, wraiths, phantoms, golems....all sorts. Almost all popular supernatural being make an appearance here and you'd need to read the book to know where they stand (good or evil). What i like:1) the variety of characters in the story - vampires (cool and classy), werewolves (hot and in action), hybrid vampire-werewolf (broody and badass), chinese warriors (funny and brotherly), witches (colourful), biker dudes (straight-talking and TMI). It lends richness to the story. 2) plot twist and surprises 3) all the main characters from the previous books together plus the new ones4) funny biker-dude dialogues 5) multiple POV from almost everyone in the story6) Yuri! - he finds his mate so he no longer pervs on his adopted sister. i find that i was looking forward to the parts where it's Yuri's story all the time because he comes across as a very uptight yet hot-headed character but just melts when he meets his girl. The way they first met was just ironic. Awwww! 7) Delilah - she's sassy, loving and funny biker chick. She's another female character i love other than Sonia. She's wise and is sassy (not sarky that's annoying) and just knows how to cool her hot-headed man.8) funny, straight-talking dialogues between Delilah and Abel9) Gregor being accommodating and having to put up with a bunch of colourful characters under one roofWhat i don't like:1) Abel talks like a gangsta so he comes across like an idiot with very limited vocabulary at times. Not cool for a hero character that's supposed to be the best of the three.2) Think Chinese, think Chinese restaurant. And they know martial arts. How stereotypical. 3) someone from the good-guy camp had to die in the end - no spoilers4) that in real life, there are no immortals out there living among us...hehe.So i would really recommend this book. I love KA books and since i can access them easily....i'm going to get myself some KA book fix and start on the ones i've missed out reading.So glad i came across this book which lead to me turn around and start from the first book of the series.
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if I could give this book more stars I would. what a ride. I applaud Kristen Ashely
#TeamThree!I loved Lucien and Abel but King Callum is my favorite.
For me it is the best of the best of The Three series
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