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Lissa Price

Lissa Price
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Books by Lissa Price


Starters (2012)

Callie lost her parents when the Spore Wars wiped out everyone between the ages of twenty and sixty. She and her little brother, Tyler, go on the run, living as squatters with their friend Michael and fighting off renegades who would kill them for a cookie. Callie’s only hope is Prime Destination...

Starters (2012) by Lissa Price

Enders (2014)

This book was very slow at some points and too fast at others. It seems like there should be more balance. I read this one because I got through the first and wanted to find out how it ended, but I was not impressed. It's an interesting concept but I think the over all character development could...

Enders (2014) by Lissa Price

Porträt eines Starters (2012)

Whoever thought up the idea of having authors write short stories to accompany novels is a genius! I loved Portrait of a Starter! The opportunity to get inside Michael's head... the chance to learn a little more about the STARTERS' world. But the story alone was really fun too, following Micha...

Porträt eines Starters (2012) by Lissa Price

Portrait d'un Starter (2012)

"Ok. Not bad" would be enough to define this short story. I really dislike books written in present tense, but I try to ignore if the author does a good job... But Lissa Price didn't. Not in Portrait of a Starter.I never read Starters, but I was really looking forward it. I though it would be one...

Portrait d'un Starter (2012) by Lissa Price

Breve storia di uno Starter (2012)

I haven't read yet the others books in the series, but I really like the world that Lissa Price has created. I liked to read an extract with Michael's point of view. It left me wanting to know more about it and read the entire books! If you hadn't read yet the entire books in the series you can r...

Breve storia di uno Starter (2012) by Lissa Price

Retratro de una Starter (2000)

Seit ein Krieg mit Biowaffen die mittlere Generation ausgelöscht hat, leben viele der elternlosen Jugendlichen auf der Straße. So auch Callie, ihr kleiner Bruder und deren Freund Michael. Gemeinsam schlagen sie sich im harten Überlebenskampf durch. Eines Tages bittet Callie Michael, auf ihren Bru...

Retratro de una Starter (2000) by Lissa Price

Enders - Porträt eines Marshals: Die Bonus-Story (2013)

Uma deliciosa aventura de um Ender que ainda se importa com os Starters, mesm​​o os renegados.Bom!Esse conto gratuito (clique aqui para fazer o download da história) publicado pela Novo Conceito é uma história extra da série Starters e Enders.A história do inspetor Walsh se passa no mesmo mundo e...

Enders - Porträt eines Marshals: Die Bonus-Story (2013) by Lissa Price

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