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A Shade Of Kiev (2000)

A Shade of Kiev (2000)

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I really liked this book and it was good to see how the other characters away from Derek et all developed. I had expected to see more evil from Kiev so it was a welcome change. The only criticism that I have is that we didn't find out about why Mona was so hell bent on not finding love until the last few pages. It would've been nice to have had her develop over the course of the book, as sometimes she just came across as standoffish. Alright so I have to say that this story was flawless in my opinion. The character development was strong. I loved seeing a different side of Kiev and his internal struggles. The beginning scene caught my breath thats for sure.Mona is super intriguing, you just want to know more about her past and how she got where she is. Which is why the ending worked perfectly for me. Left me wanting more. I liked the different povs as well. Also starting this series where Kiev was left on the island from book 7 was perfect. As a shadeaddict I was grateful for that. I felt the story flowed smoothly and I had no trouble keeping up. I loved seeing the relationship develop between Kiev and Mona . Im so looking forward to seeing where this goes. This is a must read! 5 stars

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These books are awesome! I hope Kiev can work things out

I NEED book 2 in my life. Now would be fantastic.

Brilliant, I think I love Kiev!!!!

Coming in late Sept.

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