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Destiny Rising (2012)

Destiny Rising (2012)

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About book Destiny Rising (2012)

This series just needs to end! It's not the same without LJ Smith as the actual writer. The whole Guardian thing is just stupid and I hate that these books are taking the same route as the show: a quick downward spiral. I enjoyed the first four a lot and The Return, but this just needs to stop. I can't stand Meredith in this. The characters aren't maturing and the reading the college scenes just no. WHAT WAS THE PUBLISHING COMPANY THINKING BY FIRING LJ SMITH! I WAS WILLING TO GIVE THE GHOST WRITER A TRY, BUT NOW I'M DONE! I really don't like leaving bad reviews, but this series is just going downhill. Now, if LJ Smith had actually written this, it probably would have been better. Still love, LJ Smith! I'll just have to read the old stuff. I having a debate whether to give this book one star or two because it was just ridiculous.I hear a lot of people saying a lot of the time that an authors first book is always the best but in this case it is 100% true. The first two books (I.E Volumes 1-4) were really good! It was a good plot, it was well written and it could have just ended there and then on the last book. What was spat out afterwards seems to be a completely different and bad version of it (You could literally skip 3 books and not miss a thing I kid you not).The novel is very repetitive. You constantly have reassurances of how good friends they all are and their love for one another through the monologue but rarely does it come across it as much in the actual dialogue between the characters, which also seems to be a little dry. They think to much and distract you from the actual events, not the mention the constant reminders of how amazing and flawless the characters are, and their backgrounds and habits. Particularly around Elena. She's a likable character but she's too perfect. Everyone describes how perfect she is, how beautiful she is, describes her over and over again when its rather unnecessary, never shows her to have any flaws or show some stupidity or anything like that. Literally EVERYONE wants her or wants to be like her. She's way too perfect. Don't even get me started on the plot itself; it was like the author didn't really think it through and threw random bits of information in that wasn't really necessary and plot twists that mostly make Elena seem more special than the others. There were some elements to the story that I really did like though, and would have been great injections in the first two books. They had such potential to be great stories and LJ Smith is a great writer but this seems like some form of revamp due to the popularity of the television series and, frankly, has ruined the books series for me. I'll be generous and give it two stars because of its potential and the parts that i did find very good, but I wouldn't be keen on reading anymore from this series.

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OMG! even though it was written by a ghost writer it was a great book!

I really want elena to b w damon in the book like she is on the show

a very good book to read!!!!

Awesome ending!!


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