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Fantomele Ne Stiu Toate Secretele (2012)

Fantomele ne stiu toate secretele (2012)

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About book Fantomele Ne Stiu Toate Secretele (2012)

I love this book and that is all that really matters. The love is given since this novel doesn't have the main character as the paranormal one but all of her friends are. Cass is somehow able to communicate with the ghost that casually hang around her school. Even her sister is a ghost that likes to chill about her room. She uses these ghostly friends of hers to right all the wrongs and gossip that goes around her school. Somehow this guy named 3.5I want to start by saying I really did enjoy this book. It was a super fast read (I finished it in just a couple of hours) and I liked the characters. I sympathized a lot of Cass, high schoolers can be mean and she got the brunt of it, so she did what she had to do to protect herself. The plot moved pretty quickly and I did not want to put it down when it was bed time. My main problem with the book was that it ended very abruptly – and I didn’t feel as though there was much of a resolution. I think the problem is that I have been reading so many paranormal/urban fantasy/fantasy books lately that I have different expectations. This was paranormal in that there were ghosts everywhere, but everything else about the novel is a contemporary YA. It was literally just a slice of the character’s lives, and not all the problems were fixed by the end of the school year. I liked that the book was pretty realistic, Cass’ parents were driving her crazy, there was no sugarcoating of what a teenager would go through after having lost a loved one, and there was also not sugarcoating of the mean things that people can do to each other. Looking back on the book I really wished that Cass or someone in this book cared about how/why she could see and talk to ghosts – that little bit of information just seems to have been skipped over, and no one was even curious about it! I also wish that there had been some peace found for the ghosts that we did encounter, but it appears that their existence will just continue on. All in all, it was a very enjoyable read, but it had a lot more potential and it could have been an amazing story but out of the description of “paranormal contemporary YA” the author really only focused on the contemporary YA part and the paranormal aspect seemed to be more a convenient way to join the loner and the popular guy together.

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Do you ever have the feeling that a book you're reading should be turned into a movie? Well, this is one of those books. Give Up the Ghost features Cass Mckenna, a teenage medium, who much prefers the dead over humans and loves to know the dirt on everybody in her high school. However, that all changes when the student council's vice president, Tim, needs Cass's help in communicating with his recently dead mother. Highly recommended to anyone who believes in the paranormal.

I liked Give up the Ghost. It was a good book. I almost rated it 4/5. It was a quick read and I liked the premise. At the beginning, however, it was a bit hard to read and took a while to get into it. I wish the ending of the book was a little longer though, everything was wrapped-up pretty quickly. A little romance between Tim and Cass would have been nice and also I wish Paige would have been able to go to the beyond or whatever.

Loved it!!!

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