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Mai Las-o Moale Cu Fantomele (2011)

Mai las-o moale cu fantomele (2011)

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About book Mai Las-o Moale Cu Fantomele (2011)

Give Up the Ghosts is a book written by Megan Crewe. In this book, Cass McKenna’s sister drowned in a lake on prom day. Cass then started seeing ghosts, including her sister. She helped a friend named Tim to see his mom, after she died from cancer. She also tried to get revenge on one of her ex best friends because she ditch her for a boy and other friends. The author wrote this book in first person, which lets us learn more about Cass. Everything in the book happens from her perspective. Since she can see and hear ghosts, the first person helps the reader learn more about her situation. The ghosts spy on others for her, and it leads to drama for Cassie. After all, the book is called Give Up the Ghosts because she wants to stop seeing and hearing the ghosts. “I don’t think I want to hear dirt on people...You can still spy on them all you want. I just don’t want to hear about it” (217). She is conflicted about knowing more about other people.I think this book’s theme is a love story between two people that have lost someone close to them. Cass lost her sister, and Tim lost his mother. Cass wants to help Tim, but she doesn’t want to betray his trust. She made a promise to Tim that said “my friendship wasn’t enough to solve a problem this big. I knew I had to go to someone else---but I could still make this promise” (209-210). I don’t like how the book ended I thought there would be more to it because it ended with Cass and Tim leaving prom to go get a coffee. “You see? This is why you don’t get mixed up in people’s lives. Because the living are messy and complicated, and things end up going to hell one way or another, every time”(174). I don't have much to say about this book....I discovered this book through a groups scavenger hunt and when reading the description I knew I wanted to read it. But then I started and I don't know. There was really nothing there for me...The book was nothing special for me..I really I had to pull myself to even finish it. The idea behind the story was great and interesting. A girl can see ghosts and uses them to be vindictive and gain the dirt on the other students at her school. Kinda cool but as I was reading the book I noticed that really Cass was a jerk. She is creepy. I could not connect with her at all. The way she uses the information against others is wrong. And that is the major dislike for me. About half way through it was hard to finish but I did. I really wish I could have liked this book but guess this was just not for me.

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This book was just ok… read it because the summary caught my attention but I feel like the author did not took the story to its full potential. At the beginning the book was slow but then it started to get better, I did not like the ending at all, I feel the author could have done a better ending. Also I think a girl who can talk to ghost has potential to do so much more, like maybe help the ghost cross over or help the relatives to communicate with them, but instead of that Cassie was always complaining about helping Tim. Also thought that the enmity between Danielle and Cassie was stupid. And what happened to the ending? What happened between Tim and Cassie? What happens to Paige? I would recommend this book if you are bored and have nothing better to do.

I liked this book. It was a very simple story but I enjoyed it. At times, though, I did get annoyed with Cassie McKenna. She just seemed so guarded for the rest of the world that when someone would actually talk to her she would get all defensive and make it kinda difficult for her to make friends. But truthfully I wouldn't blame her for that after her best friend before started to treat her like garbage for a stupid reason. This whole story seemed almost predictable but at the same time it was not very predictable at all. I give this book a 6/10 and I do recommend that you read it because it is a good book.

Competent, but not an exciting debut. Worth checking out her next books, though.

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