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Supervivientes (2014)

Supervivientes (2014)

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In this third and final book in the Fallen World series, Kaelyn and her friends have the possible cure for the virus that has changed their world. But they are running from the Wardens who will stop at nothing to get the vaccines. As she and her companions head south to Atlanta where doctors are still working at the Centers for Disease Control, some lives are lost, and Kaelyn makes several tough choices. Readers will be fascinated to note how determined she is to do the right thing, even at the cost of the lives of many others. I liked the way the series ended, and I certainly hope that her plans for peace and cooperation between both sides will work out. The book is fast-paced and exciting, and readers will be quickly drawn into this life-changing road trip from one point of the continent to the next. I could certainly see all the events in this book happening. The passages in which the crew must search for gasoline to keep the vehicle they are driving moving forward are especially compelling. ** Originally written for Book Bliss book blog. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased and honest review**Review: 5 starsGeneral: Please note this is book three in the trilogy and knowledge of the first two is needed in order to comprehend and enjoy this book. This was a great of course feels very similar to other dystopian's as there wasn't anything stand out in the virus or the post virus world. But what was impressive was that it was more about the characters and their journey than the dystopian element running through it. That being said the world building was great. I was easily able to picture the devastated planet that the kids were living in. It felt very real without being overly graphic and fit nicely for the audience the book is geared at. That was truly the best part of the book, the way it easily appealed the YA audience as well as an older audience without being too graphic. I think this book saw tremendous growth for Katlyn and that all the tests and trails she's been through really did reach a head. Also, the book tied up all lose ends and felt like a final book with nothing hanging open.

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Not quite the ending I was hoping for, but a good book.

Crap. I didn't realize this series wasn't complete. :(

Expected publication: February 11th 2014 by Hyperion

this book hurt my heart. Great end to the series.

There's a third book?

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