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Series: Thieves' World

by Author Robert Asprin


Tales From the Vulgar Unicorn (1986)

Странна, противоречива, на моменти много интересна, на други – скучновата. С една дума – наистина нееднозначна книга, това е „Разкази от Кръчмата При Еднорога”. По същината си това са седем разказа от седем автора, които се развиват в един и същ фентъзи сетинг. Може да ви прозвучи натруфено, но м...

Tales From the Vulgar Unicorn (1986) by David Drake

Blood Ties (1986)

Introduction (Asprin). Hakim’s back. The intro is (as always) light but helps you get back into the setting [6/10].Lady of Fire (Paxson). A nice return to form after the awfulness that was book #8. It’s particularly good in this story to see Lalo and Illyra working together, as they’re two of the...

Blood Ties (1986) by Diane Duane

The Face of Chaos (1984)

Book 5 of the twelve orignal TW anthology novels starts a plot arc with "mysterious invaders" that show up, look like fish, and don't do much else. TW isn't a series with a big-picture focus, though, so the presence of these invaders is more or less artfully *shown* through the new gritty experie...

The Face of Chaos (1984) by David Drake

Wings of Omen (1986)

another great Thieves World. the Stepsons are slowly making thier way back to Sanctuary. The Hand That feeds You, and Rebels Aren't Born in Palaces were great stories. You see a whole different side of Hanse here, it was amazing. I still wish Walegrin was a bigger charactor. I only give 3 stars ...

Wings of Omen (1986) by Diane Duane

Thieves' World (1982)

I stumbled across the first volume of the Thieves' World anthology series shortly after it came out, and being a die-hard, ultimately I bought and read all 12 of the collections (and most of the novels), but after about vol. 6 it was more a labor of stamina and obligation than one of love. The t...

Thieves' World (1982) by Robert Asprin

Lythande (Thieves World) (1985)

This anthology has long been a treasured part of my fantasy fiction library. I can't recommend it highly enough. Seek it out from second-hand bookstore and prepare to be entertained by twist endings and resolutions that will challenge your notions of what makes a sword and sorcery hero. Lythande,...

Lythande (Thieves World) (1985) by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Shadows of Sanctuary (1985)

Most fantasy literature is pure escapism -- light, easy, black and white. Thieves' World instead features surprisingly complex characters (for a fantasy tale) with uncertain motivations. It's low, gritty, and not concerned with the matters of elves and men. As a mosaic novel (or linear anthology,...

Shadows of Sanctuary (1985) by Robert Asprin