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Wings Of Omen (1986)

Wings of Omen (1986)

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another great Thieves World. the Stepsons are slowly making thier way back to Sanctuary. The Hand That feeds You, and Rebels Aren't Born in Palaces were great stories. You see a whole different side of Hanse here, it was amazing. I still wish Walegrin was a bigger charactor. I only give 3 stars tho, because I am sorry, i just still find myself lost alot of the time. There are so many characters, places, and Gods. Where many, i should say most, of the stories, people and events do eventually tie in together, there are a few that seem out of place, or like the only thing that really links them to anywhere is that they are from 'Sanctuary'. and that just makes for too much. i would seriusly love to see a real map of Sactuary tho. The Maze, Downwind, the Wharf, Where is The Vulgar unicorn, Slys Place, The Aphrodisia House?

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