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Guarding Morgan (2013)

Guarding Morgan (2013)
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Guarding Morgan (2013)
Guarding Morgan (2013)

About book: This was a fairly short read, but the characters were cute. Morgan made for an adorable nerd/artist/swimmer, and he was stubborn to a fault in what he wanted. Nik was almost as stubborn but predictably (as in all romances) succumbed to what Morgan demanded of him. I actually enjoyed the lack of explicit sex scenes, and the fade to black technique was executed really well--I never felt like I was missing something. And even though things weren't neatly wrapped up at the end, it worked well. There was closure where there needed to be, and real life is never prettily wrapped up so it worked well. This book started off really well in my opinion and I was all for it for the first half of the book than it got kind of weird for me. I felt like Morgan was throwing himself at Nik...I mean it could have worked but it all just seemed pretty fast paced. A major problem I had with the book was all the self doubt that the two characters had, it got really annoying real fast. Don't get me wrong it's a nice technique to use to give readers visual about what kind of emotional turmoil characters from a book are experiencing but it wasn't something I wanted to read over and over and over again. The plot was okay but it didn't make me want to keep reading the series. Frankly I didn't really care why Elisabeth died, who the leak was in the FBI, and finding out more about the Bullen family at all. What I wanted to know more about was the people at Sanctuary and the organization and frankly if there will be a story for Jake...for this I will continue reading the series.
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Writerspoliceacademy.orgUnrealistic and anticlimactic, I just couldn't get into this.
A great short story, looking forward to reading more in this series
3.5 starsNice start to the series. A bit too short though.
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