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More Than Moonlight (2000)

More Than Moonlight (2000)

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About book More Than Moonlight (2000)

This story kind of didn't affect me at all. Don't get me wrong it's not bad just not...exciting. Three short stories about two boys in love in various stages of their relationship. Doesn't mean it's not good or sweet or worth reading. I was surprised myself when I was done reading and thought "Hm, that was emotionally uneventful". I guess I'd have to read the next book to get into the story. And what I read until now in the blurb and reviews sounds really good so I'll give it a try. more like 3.5Although I think the scenes were well written and really pulled me in, I am not a fan of short reads. I want more. To me these excerpts felt like love/sex scenes written to get a feel for the "back story" of a character written later on. It is just that- a scene. No connection, no development into an entire story. So for me, it was a tease. I am not always positive when it comes to reviewing "a tease". I DO want to read Moonlight Becomes You, so we shall see how I feel about that one !that's all for now.

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A nice little taste thats made me ready for the main course.

cute, v. short, but fits into the stories well!

*downloaded free on ARE

Sweet story.

Fun read.

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