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Nightmare Academy (2003)

Nightmare Academy (2003)

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About book Nightmare Academy (2003)

Hey ya'll,So one book that captivated me from start to finish would have to be Nightmare Academy by Frank Peretti. I loved how well executed his novel was. Peretti brought me action, adventure, and mystery all at once which is sometimes not an easy task for authors due to them not being skillful at writing their books that way.I really enjoyed the bonding relationship between Elijah Springfield and his twin sister Elisha. It really allowed me to think on my own relationship with my brother because though he is only six years old he's proving to be very protective and opinionated when it comes to my life. Though he is a child I see that he is shaping up to be a well-rounded young man. And that's what I saw from Elijah!One scene that I marveled at reading was when Elijah and his sister Elisha were going to shelters to find a way into Knight-Moore Academy. It really touched me and provided very realistic qualities to Elijah by showing how protective he was of his sister. Peretti continuously shows the reader how much these siblings care about each other when they are eventually placed at Knight- Moore Academy which is a "home" for "misplaced children".At Knight-Moore Academy students have no sense of guidance. No one can be at fault due to the understandings of this or that statements. Though someone may do something that we may deem wrong in the real world. It is at Knight- Moore Academy that you find good and bad no longer exist when actions are just downplayed as actions. Whether you steal, fight, or vandalize the objects of others it's not until you disrupt the experiment of those watching that the authoritarian there decide to do something about what has happened.As teenage spies Elijah and Elisha strive to make friends, but are met with many more enemies. Peretti gives insight into the human rational that I don't believe the schools of psychology and sociology have come yet to grasp. He causes you to think further into your decisions which I believe could lead into making you a better individual.In my opinion Peretti has created a defining, mind-blowing novel for the 21st century. Nightmare Academy makes you look deeper into your psychosis by way of a story. I loved everything about this novel and I can't wait to see what else he has in store.Rating: *****Comment below if you love novels by Frank Peretti! Did you feel the same way when you read his novel? Or have you ever ran across a novel as inception like as this? Let me know :) I can't wait to hear from you. Until Next Time!!!!! :*Amazon:

When an group of twisted misguided individuals bring children together to form an messed up utopian society with no right or wrong, no winning, no losing, everybody "equal", no either\or, only both\and. Did I mention no right or wrong? Did anyone actually think it would end up all right!? Not I. Elijah and Elisha are brother and sister and when their family goes undercover to try and find out what "Knight-Moore" Academy is, Elijah and Elisha are separated from their parents and taken to Nightmare Academy with no memory of how they got there, where exactly on a map they are, no way to contact their parents, and no way out. Truth is a big part of this book; hence the Veritas Project. Elijah and Elisha believe in God and the existence (duh!) of right and wrong. There is no way that a society could survive the way that is portrayed in the book and I liked that the author tried to show how when government messes with God-given rights and the natural order of things; tries to impose rules that shouldn't be there; lies to people; leads them to believe that things are one way and then does the exact opposite; things are never going to work out. Ever. Interesting and thought provoking. I would recommend this book.

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Review by Gretchen HoffmanA fifteen-year-old boy shows up along a highway interstate. He doesn’t know his name, how to dress himself, and has no memory of what’s happened to him. He simply repeats the words, “Nightmare Academy.”This is when teenage detectives Elijah and Elisha come into play. They go undercover as runaways where the boy and his friend were last seen before their disappearance. The twins are quickly headed on the right track, but things change when they too disappear. They investigate the going-ons but are unable to contact anyone from where they are. But once they find out what’s really happening, will they have a chance to escape and save themselves?Peretti is a master storyteller with mystery novels, and this one is no exception. This book is a little darker than some of his other novels, and while it’s good, it is a bit creepy. I read this book when it first came out, and the one scene where Elijah quotes the Ten Commandments has stuck in my mind ever since. This is one of those books that’s intriguing, discusses some deep ideas, and will stick in your mind long after you’ve read it. If you’re a Peretti fan, have read book one in the series, or are into mysteries, this is one for you.
—Jill Williamson

Nightmare Academy by Frank Peretti-I love this book. It is one of my very favorites. Enter a world where there is no truth and no right or wrong. A place where minds are turned upside down. That's what happen to Alvin Rogers. You can ask him as many questions as you want. You won't get anywhere. All he says is "I don't know." and the occasional "NIGHTMARE ACADEMY" Enter the Veritas Project team. They are a crime fighting team that were asked by the President to investigate strange events happening across the U.S.A. I

I have read other Frank Peretti books before, so I knew what enjoyment and excitement I was in for. The mystery and suspense of the book is heart wrenching. The Springfield family is not your average christian family. Nate and Sarah have two children named Elisha and Elijah. The Springfield family could be considered as the gang from Scooby-Do. The investigation of a recently found boy causes great concern die to the fact that he has no recollection of anything but the name Nightmare Academy. Nothing he says makes any sense. He acts like he has been brain washed and he is in a strange world. through some investigation the Springfields find themselves separated. the children are in a "camp" and "school". Nate and Sarah have no idea what has happened to their children and the children have no idea where they are. Because of the schools policy on right and wrong, and truth and false, there is much argument by the children of the school. Cutting out a little bit of detail from the large amount of interesting characters that form the story, the school ends up in revolt against the teachers. Little do they know that they are walking into a trap...

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