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Prom Night In Purgatory (2000)

Prom Night in Purgatory (2000)
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Prom Night In Purgatory (2000)
Prom Night In Purgatory (2000)

About book: Johnny is back but in modern times not the 1950's. Maggie needs to find away to make Johnny remember her and fall in love with her again, even if this means she needs to leave 2011 and travel back to the 50's and go to steal a dress, and car get the help from her 10 year old grandmother and get herself to prom. What she doesn't realize is that she isn't just witnessing the past but becoming part of it. She may be changing the future just by being there. such a great book. Love Johnny! Having just finished "Slow Dance" and having this book already waiting for me on my Kindle (another very kind gift from the Author) I jumped straight in.These two books are so very different from my usual choices - I had never considered reading paranormal/ghosts/time travel before - but I was hooked.This is the continuation and conclusion of Maggie and Johnny's story and well I really wasn't expecting what I read - I loved it!
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The only thing holding me back from 5 stars is I wanted more Maggie and Johnny.
Not as good as the first part in this series but still a cute read.
absolutely wonderfull !!!
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