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Questing Beast (2010)

Questing Beast (2010)

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Ilona Andrews

About book Questing Beast (2010)

I "bought" this on Smashwords. It was free. I mainly chose it because of the beautiful cover.I sort of liked this story. It had an interesting premise and some interesting portions within it. My main problem is that I didn't find it interesting enough to follow it completely. I found my attention dwindling a little at times.The overall story was quite well written, but I think it's the type of story that definitely needs more explanation than a short story can provide. Maybe if it were longer, it would be able to give the interest that it couldn't provide me in some places. I love the Kate Daniels series.. Was surprised when i saw this just browsing smashwords top list for something to read...There's not really much too state... This is an odd short little story. I dont think it complementary to anything else, but like most independent short stories, there isnt some major plot or a lot for character development (these are saved for the novels)....Worth the read...

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This was a quick fun read. I would love to see it expanded into an actual book someday.

It was interesting read. Very original. I liked it a lot.

Really short and super cute :)

Nice read.

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