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Raised By Wolves (2010)

Raised by Wolves (2010)
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Raised By Wolves (2010)
Raised By Wolves (2010)

About book: Raised by wolves was a pretty good book. Bryn was my favorite character. shes cool, laid back, sneaky and a determined girl. Devon (i think was his name) was my second favorite character because hes was kinda protective of bryn and i liked him and bryns friendship. Ali was my third favorite character. she was kind and a strong woman. But i didn't like alis boyfriend he wasn't really around ali when she was pregnant. I would recommend this book to some of my friends. I think they would like Bryn and her lifestyle and the fact that theres werewolves in it. This book didn't fail to amazing me. At first I wasn't to excited to read Raised By Wolves, well that completely changed when I started to get really into the story of Bryn's life and how she was raised by werewolves. I didn't expect to have been so pulled in by the story to have finished this book in two days. Now for me to finish a book so quickly well it has to be pretty good! I loved Bryn's strong independent character and the friendship which she had with her friends. The book took on a lot of twists and turns and I was never bored.
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Definitely my top ten series of all time and It is my favorite story about werewolves!
Boring and too much instant love/mate connection. Too much like dogs.
so swet : )
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