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Stormwalker (2010)

Stormwalker (2010)

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About book Stormwalker (2010)

I usually rate four stars for books that I like and this one was a pleasant surprise. The characters were very engaging and does make me want to find out more about only comment is that reading the beginning part of the book gave you a feeling of missing something as if you're reading from the middle of the series. I found myself checking if there was a prequel that i missed or if this was the first book. But despite that it was an enjoyable read Wow. This book kept me on edge. Janet a confused young stormwalker with a crazy from hell mother, trying to figure out her life and love. Mick a sexy protective boyfriend who has a bad habit of keeping to much to himself and disappearing has a secret that's causing a huge gap between Janet n Mick. Amazing fights and magic spells. A James describes them so well u can't be got caught up in story. Really good ending. I love Nash n how many time Janet got arrested for silly things. If u like Patricia Briggs with mercy Thompson then u'll love this as well.

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enjoyed this. good plot, good dialogue, good characters.

Great witchery & shamanism. probably more to come.


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