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Taming The Storm ((The Storm Series)) (2014)

Taming the Storm ((The Storm Series)) (2014)
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Taming The Storm ((The Storm Series))...
Taming The Storm ((The Storm Series)) (2014)

About book: Another great addition to the Storm series! This story is Tom's story, you remember Tom? The guy who got a tattoo of "Rub the Lamp" in the Mighty Storm? Anyway, he hits on Lyla for a while and she turns him down every time he tries to get with her. Lyla is the lead singer of the new bad Vintage which has been signed to TMS records. After their tour manager breaks her leg skiing, Lyla learns that Tom has been appointed the new manager for their new tour. Lyla is a little broken after catching her boyfriend cheating on her with her brother, so when she learns Tom is going to be riding on the tour bus with them she puts on her bitch face in the hopes that he won't try to hit on her. Lyla doesn't do casual sex and knows Tom is a typical rock star "mut." After sparks fly, Lyla gives in and decides she can do casual sex with Tom for the duration of the tour as long as he only sleeps with her the entire time they are on tour and no one else. Sparks fly, jealousy causes some interesting fights between the two and both fall in love with each other. But because of their pasts neither is willing to admit it to the other until it's too late. Chaos follows the couple around while on tour and after. An amazing ending for two broken people. A definite must read for any fan of the Mighty Storm series! Ok ok.I admit it, eventhough Tom is a big douche canough, he's one of the hottest douche!!!Like ever! I love him then hate him then love him some more. For me he wasAble to redeem himself, and Lyla is one lucky bitch to have him.As for Lyla, love her! I think I wouldn't be able to start forgiving someone who broke me that soon but she did. And for that, i like her.Sam, please give us more of Cale. Please please please. I cant wait to read his book. Please give us one.Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase!!!!
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I loved Tom he's sooo sexy he and Ly were so great together Samantha Towle keep em coming
I Love Tom Carter!!!! Great Read! Mrs. Towle is now a "Must Read" Author for me.
Is it enough to just say I enjoyed this book immensely?
Samantha doesn't disappoint. Five fire cracking stars!
4 1/2...
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