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The Lion Of Kent (2000)

The Lion of Kent (2000)
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The Lion Of Kent (2000)
The Lion Of Kent (2000)

About book: Delicious, exhilarating: these are the words that come to mind when describing this book. Squire William only wants to be a knight, and in service to his master, Robert, he learns the ways of knighthood by striving to be a faithful squire. The scenes are written well, and the dialogue and emotions convey a chivalrous society reminiscent of the portrayals of this period.The touching story between William and Robert unfolds amidst action and intrigue around them. The pacing is quick, the characters developed, so you have a full measure of the people involved in the story. This is great story-telling. I felt as if I was reading Pillars of the Earth where the two main characters are men who become lovers after seduction by Sir Robert.Highly recommended! I honestly don't think Mr. Voinov can write a bad book! Not 1 of his books that I have read has been a disappointment!I really like that we get a great description of everything that we need without overdoing it. The castle, the training grounds, horse barn & so on have just enough for us to picture them in our minds but doesn't take up pages & pages. In these shorter stories I like more of the characters & their interactions. Details of what's the heart of the story rather than what I call "fluff". I don't really need to know how green the grass is or how big barn is if it doesn't have something to do specifically with the plot of the MC. Aleksandr Voinov does a great job of this. He leaves out the "fluff" or stuff we really don't need to know & gives us just the meat & potatoes. To me this is one of the most important things for an author to do & do right when writing a complete short story or one that's under 150 pages or so. To much description & you loose out on characters & plot. Not enough & they float in mid air with nothing to balance & ground the story.It's a total balancing act that to me can make or break the story. This is where in IMO Aleksandr Voinov is a genius! He just NEVER disappoints me, ever!
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I don't know what to say about this one. It was short and sweet, but nothing really happened.
Quick easy read with a good story and likeable main characters
Really good (and accurate) M/M historical, I like it.
OK, when is the next in the series coming out?
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