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The Marriage Merger (2013)

The Marriage Merger (2013)

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MAMA CONTE IS EPIC!!!Okay. so I had a few reservations about this series, but not this book. Micheal and Maggie stole my heart but Sawyer and Julietta completely own it. They were amazing. I don't even know how to describe what a lovely pair they are and I have to say, I actually have a bigger inclination for darker stories with a HEA than ones like Alexa and Nick, Carina and Max. Both pairs are lovely in their own right but they don't have that 'Zing' for me that Sawyer and Julietta bring to the surface. Alright, I'll just come outright and say it: this story was hot. And now, I'm gonna go and day-dream about Sawyer. The book started out slow; however, as the chapters progressed and Sawyer Wells was introduced and Vincent "Wolfe" Soldano was put in the mix, the book got better. With their similar dismal backgrounds, those two tugged at my heart. The flashbacks Sawyer experienced in several chapters made me angry, sad, frustrated and disappointed with the foster parents and the Department of Family and Children Services. At the hands of the arsehole, he and his foster siblings suffered so much and lost what bit of hope was left. Sawyer fared better than his foster siblings, Danny & Misty. He met a janitor name Jerry Cross, who took him in as his own nephew, and Mama Conte (the matriarch of the Conte clan), who imparted a few words of wisdom. He did not think he would find a woman who would his peak and retain his interest..that is until, Julietta Conte. She is the CEO of La Dolce Famiglia. Very independent, very opinionated, very strong, very beautiful, tall, statuesque and frigid. She'd tense up and was not able to enjoy an orgasm. Well, Sawyer changed all that and proved otherwise. The sex scenes were hot and explicit; however, I wish Ms. Probst would have elaborated more on the toys that were briefly mentioned in a chapter. Their sexcapades is enough for both of them; however, Mame Conte knows and sees all and convinces both of them to get married on the feigned notion to merge their companies together and strengthen their company holdings. Thus, the L-word becames a negative factor for Sawyer and the monster from his past contacts him and blackmails him. Sawyer deals with the turn of events by turning away everyone and making plans to run away. Julietta & Wolfe give him grief but he does falter on his intentions; until, Julietta convinces him otherwise and Mama Conte imparts more words of wisdom. All in all, it was an amazing novel. It shows the power of love, the strength of family, and the hope that love and family instill. I did not realize this was the fourth novel in the series. All the characters from the previous novels crossed over and their history was glossed over; thus, I'm not interested in reading the previous ones. I really liked this novel. I love Wolfe: his quiet strength, his non conformity, his intelligence, his vulnerability, his snarkiness, his love for Sawyer, Julietta, Mama Conte and that darn cat. I'm glad to hear that he will be getting his own story. Yay!!! I just wish the book would be published sooner that 2015.

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3 stelline e mezzo...Finalmente tutta la famiglia si è sistemata..mi mancheranno :-(

This was quirky and a fun read

mama Conte bruja, jajaj


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