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The Underground City, Book 2 Of The Lily Harper Series (2014)

The Underground City, Book 2 of the Lily Harper Series (2014)

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About book The Underground City, Book 2 Of The Lily Harper Series (2014)

I enjoyed this second book much more than the first. The first had a lot of build up and not enough action for me. This second one jumped straight into the action. I do wish there was more action, sexy action, between Lily and Tallis, but it was well-played for the story and plot line. I found Bill less irritating and Tallis' accent easier to swallow. So don't like the cliffhanger at the end, but I will be anxiously waiting for book three. HP Mallory is back and better than ever with book 2 of The Lily Harper series, The Underground City.This was the greatest Valentines gift from one of my all-time favorite authors. A big box of dangerous adventures, wrapped in humor, tied with a ribbon of non-stop action and topped off with a big bow of sexually charged romance –why can’t all my Valentine’s Day gifts be this awesome?!Lily has died (accidentally), been born again (purposefully) and is now a Soul Retriever (reluctantly). Yet, nothing has prepared her for what she faces next when she revisits The Underground City.Her main goal is try to survive her next mission to the Underground City aka hell. Luckily, she has the ever-sexy, anti-social, yet built like a beast bladesmith as he guardian. With the help of both Talis and her demon trainer, she works on getting tough…both mentally and physically. She also has her ever-funny potty-mouth of a guardian angel Bill to help lighten any situation. Together they face their next mission, but what they find brings more trouble than even the fearsome threesome has to offer.The leader of the Underground City has his eyes set on Lily and the devil is really good at getting what he wants.Things are heating up and just when Lily thinks it couldn’t get any worse…it does.With creatures ready to devour her at every turn, an angel that cannot kill a fly, and a guardian who is facing his own demons, Lily must learn to stand on her own…or die trying.This book is amazing! A thrill ride that had me laughing, scared out of my seat and loudly cheering for Lily as we see her transform into a warrior in her own rite.The chemistry between the fearsome threesome is undeniable. Tallis and Lily are electric. The sexual tension builds and I think all fans of Tily (Team Talis/Lily) will no doubt be happy with some of their…ahem...“exchanges.”Bill and Lily also share some laugh-inducing moments. But, what was really special to me was the bond that has formed. They crossed the line from putting up with each other to becoming the closest of friends. One scene in particular is guaranteed to warm your heart.We also meet some new characters that I am completely smitten with. We have Saxon and Delilah. Two Soul retrievers that I hope we will see a lot more of! Saxon is a cutie with a big smile that he is aiming right at Lily. Here’s to more of this guy who had me at hello! Delilah, like Lily, is a new Soul Retriever who unfortunately does not have a scary bladesmith or guardian by her side. She is sweet as pie with a booty to match ;) I’m hoping we see more of her in the next installment.Then there is Alaire – the leader of the Underworld. He is hot, he is dangerous….heck, he is practically the devil himself! His attention is set on Lily and, as I said before, he always gets what he wants.All in all, this is a must-read for all urban fantasy fans!Here is a snippet of one of my favorite scenes:Tallis continued to stand there, silently watching me, his sword still precariously aimed on my neck. His eyes were completely engulfed by the strange blackness. They no longer resembled the eyes of a human... “Tallis,” I whispered. “You’re scaring me.”My comment seemed to thrill him because his lips parted into a smile. But he still didn’t say anything. Instead, he continued staring right through me with enigmatic eyes that revealed nothing. He continued to smile as he studied me, though, appearing amused by the fact that he had me where he wanted me, amused that I was his captive. And that was when I realized he intended to kill me. Yes, that did happen! To find out Talis’s response, check out The Underground City. It is guaranteed to come with a whole heap of surprises, like the one in this scene.

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over all, i like it but there are parts that could be cut out.

Review to come usual great writing I expect from Mallory :)

It's a good read but a fairly short read.

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