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Throne Of Glass (2012)

Throne of Glass (2012)
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Bloomsbury USA Children's
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Throne Of Glass (2012)
Throne Of Glass (2012)

About book: It's always a joy when you finish a book that still has your heart racing and you're bursting with excitement, simply ravenous for more. It seemed like it's been a long time since I'd had that experience with a book, so reading one as good as Throne of Glass was a field day for me.I was very skeptical as I began the book. I'd heard good things, and I wanted to prove to myself that the book could be redeemed from its simply awful book jacket. (Seriously, the dust flap, the cover photo, the back blurb - I've never seen anything worse). Maas' writing definitely had flaws, especially in the beginning. Her early descriptions of Chaol and Dorian screamed stereotype, the writing was clunky, and Celaena's character seemed a bit too unrealistic. The author had a distinctive writing style, almost amateur-like, with her use of words like "Oh!" and the excessive ellipses. (…) But I couldn't deny the pleasure of being introduced to the two potential love interests right off the bat - and at the same time, too. It was a guessing game I could not refuse. Almost immediately, my lot fell in with Chaol. I loved the subtlety of their relationship - the best love stories ALWAYS start with friendships. And while it seemed unlikely his character would fall for her, that was just what made him appealing. I love the idea of the underdog, the boy who has to work a little harder to get the girl, because he loves her all the more after the fact. I also didn't want Dorian grabbing her right off the bat - the arrogant prat was already the prince. He shouldn't be able to get everything he wants that easily. I hated his constant winking and flirting, and every time Celaena described how handsome he was I wanted to smack her and shove her in Chaol's direction. I may be developing a considerable book crush on that Captain.Yet despite his flirting and constant complaining about his mother and princely duties, I did like Dorian, in his own way. He had that spontaneity, openness and optimism that Celaena needed in her life. And he certainly wanted what was best for her. I also loved how honest the characters were with each other, Chaol and Celeana especially. No more silence instead of saying what you're thinking. I loved how much the characters really spoke to each other, with purpose, and cared about what they said.And Celaena was like a breath of fresh air. Dang, that girl is fantastic. Yes, there's the obvious awesomeness in her fighting skill, but she also managed to be smart, witty, a good friend, a musician, and a reader. She had kindness and a conscience - which really makes me question her choice of occupation. She almost felt too good to be true - I wonder if the author may have made her a bit too unrealistic. But it was necessary to the story, and I loved her all the same. (Except for her preening. Allow me to direct you to this one line- "She looked spectacular. Utterly and completely spectacular." Ugh. Here's when the author's inexperience really started to show. But it was something I was able to overlook as the story was just so dang good). To be honest, I think I would've liked this story just as much if it weren't a love story - all the characters could've had fantastic bonds just in friendship. The world Maas has created is just as amazing. Rarely do I come across a world like Erilea - one that is vast, yet contact is easily kept between all of its cities. One where there is a large diversity of cultures and people, yet a single person can be well-known through the entire land. One where each city has its own problems, some places better than others, yet can combine in its efforts against one kingdom. I loved the fantasy of Erilea. Alagaesia and Middle-Earth are the only lands I have ever seen that matches it.Yes, there were flaws. But as I always say, I'm a sucker for a good story. And this was one truly driven by its characters. I loved the depth and complexity of every character, even the lesser ones like Philippa, Kaltain, and Ress. The story itself was new, fresh, and incredible - I finished it in a day and a half, too wrapped up in the story to possibly put it down. I then found myself staying up into the late hours of the morning reading the sequel.All in all, I loved Throne of Glass, and I will fight my way through the Assassin's guild for more. This was absolutely amazing and I cannot believe I have not read it before today! In my opinion, this book was about as close to flawless as a book can get, and I want to say that it is my favorite book of the whole year so far (after clockwork princess of course). There was never a point in this book where I was bored and I loved all the plot twists and characters. I loved Celaena, Chaol and Nehemia deeply and I was rooting for them the whole time. The ending left me with satisfaction but also with an urge for more. I don't give five stars often, but this definitely deserved it. If you haven't read this yet, PLEASE DO.
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Rated PG-13 for violence, magic, and mature thematic material.
Oh!! My!! God!! This book was so unbelievably good!!!!!!!!
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