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Verbeten (2014)

Verbeten (2014)

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About book Verbeten (2014)

Espléndida continuación a un no menos espléndido arranque. Y tiene mérito, porque después del relato inicial parecía que la cosa iba a quedarse estancada en ese desenlace con sorpresa que cerraba el primer volumen y que parecía atrapar toda la historia en un más que digno final abierto.Veremos si Crouch consigue completar esta trilogía con la maestría con la que ha llevado la narración hasta ahora; si lo logra pasará a la lista de talentos a seguir. De momento es un maestro a la hora de desarrollar relatos de intriga: consigue generar un desenlace a la altura del intrincado misterio que ha creado, lo cual tiene bastante mérito, y si no que se lo pregunten a Damon Lindelof, que todavía está buscando una salida decente a ese rompecabezas llamado "Lost"... Can a second book ever be a second book and not just a placeholder between the first and third? Crouch certainly isn't breaking that trend with these 300+ pages of set-up for the finale. Plot holes/gaps in theory begin to appear, mostly because there's nothing to distract you, plot or character development-wise, from pondering the science and logic of the overall concept. The sexism begins to become more blatant as well, as the main character grows in machismo while the females fade in agency and ability to act. A disappointing follow-up to what was at least an entertaining, if almost equally shallow, first book....I've still started reading the third, however.

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A good follow up to the first book in the series. Keeps the tension and paranoia going.

Read in one day...close to one sitting. Love it when that happens. Suspenseful.

What. Has. He. Done. OMG. I'll be reading the last installment soon.

Great continuation. Series did not disappoint.

Fair enjoyed this middle chapter of the story.

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