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Withering Tights (2011)

Withering Tights (2011)

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About book Withering Tights (2011)

To tell you the truth I can't figure out did I enjoy or didn't, so that is why I gave it three stars. I enjoyed this book because I am a teen, so I liked reading about Tallulah new friends and the things she got up to as I could relate in some ways. I did not enjoy this book as I found it hard to follow the dialogue, I sometimes found it hard to understand what they were talking about. I also felt that something were repeated such as 'corkers' and the things about her knees.This book wasn't as funny as I thought it would be, but I did have a chuckle or two and I will probably go searching for the next one in the series on my next library visit. Georgia Nicolson's story has ended but Talleluh Casey (her 14 year old cousin)'s story has only just begun. Talleluh is starting her new term at Dother Hall performing arts college. Join Talleluh on her weird and wacky adventures, as she meets her new friends as well as new boy toys (and even her own pet owls) and watch her don the 'Golden Slippers of Applause'.Withering Tights was a little disappointing. Don't get me wrong, I got a laugh out of it, but I just didn't like it. The story pretty much follows the same formula as the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson but with a new character, who is very reminiscent of Georgia. Talleluh is just as immature, ridiculous, boy crazy and odd (I found the corkers rubbing very weird. I think maybe Georgia did that too). It seems to run in the family. Talleluh even has her own glossary. Or should I say, thesaurus, since Georgia has already defined a bunch of phrases that are similar in meaning. The series didn't seem to offer anything different. I mean, we were even presented with 3 different boys, leading her on in different ways. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up with Charlie in the end. Might be a bit obvious, don't you think? Oh wait, there could be another boy introduced soon enough.If you've read the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, it might feel like dejavu. Otherwise, if you're just in it for a good laugh, pick this book up!

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A really funny book that is super easy to read. My little sister would probably love this! :D

Good book by a very good author can't wait to read more of her books


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