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100 Bullets, Vol. 13: Wilt (2009)

100 Bullets, Vol. 13: Wilt (2009)

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Wow - what an end. Azzarello is a magician - like the brilliant Risso sub-story background that have had me flipping back to see where they began, its the hand that we weren't watching that the drives the finale.I know this series went on for years, but volume 11 with whitling down of the cast to final players was the pledge, volume 12 was the turn and volume 13 was the prestige. I could go back through and chart out the courses to find the clues and hints, but I don't want to - I am happy just sit back and admire the skills of the writer and the graphic team. A great end to a fantastic series - even if I did come out the other end still feeling a little confused...100 Bullets is, for my money, absolutely *begging* for HBO/Showtime TV series: one where minor yet crucial characters in the story can be fully fleshed out, the history of the Minutemen and The Trust explored more deeply (maybe with Lost-style flashbacks), and more 'standalone' attache case stories can be peppered throughout. It could easily be the new Sopranos.

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Great end to a wonderful series. Now I need to read it all over again...

Crime Noir, Even more people die, story ends, great series

Quite the disappointing ending to this masterpiece.

Solid ending to an epic story.

jesus, what a way to end it.

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