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Wonder Woman, Vol. 3: Iron (2013)

Wonder Woman, Vol. 3: Iron (2013)

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1401242618 (ISBN13: 9781401242619)
DC Comics

About book Wonder Woman, Vol. 3: Iron (2013)

Wesley Willis is in this book as a schizophrenic demigod. Holy heck did that feel good to say out loud. Azzarello's characters are brilliantly written, and the driving force for what has proven to be one of the most stunning New 52 books so far. Issue #0 was a fun classically styled romp which provided some much needed exposition for Wonder Woman's newly re-imagined life, and was a great way to utilize an editorial mandated gimmick. The rest of the plot ties up at least the primary thread of the story so far, leaving us with new enemies, and unexpected new allies. Ares' re-imagining has been my favorite thus far, with compelling motivations and some fantastic dialogue. Azzarello also smartly mixes the New Gods into the mix, helping to create an interesting new landscape for what's to come. The only sore spot for me is the dramatic absence of Cliff Chiang on about half of the book. The fill in artists fail to measure up to his high bar, resulting in some funny looking characters and some pretty bad Diana shovel face. Otherwise, this is great stuff and possibly the best Wonder Woman tale ever told. Iron continues Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang's run on Wonder Woman. To be honest, this particular volume didn't grab me quite as much as the first two in the new 52 did. I just didn't find the new characters (such as Orion and Milan) to be as memorable as the ones introduced in previous volumes, nor the twists to be as effective. At the same time, I still enjoyed Iron quite a bit. I really liked how it explored the relationship between Diana and Ares more. It was also nice to see resolution on Diana's quest to save Zola's baby, after being kidnapped by Hermes and Demeter. We also see the rise of a new villainous character, and I'm really curious to see how he impacts future events.The artwork, when done by Cliff Chiang, remains eye catching and unique. Occasionally a guest artist pops in and makes it look kind of messy, unfortunately. But most comics are like this. Guest artists need to be brought in to keep the comic going every month.

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This comic was not one of my favorites. Would like to read more comics with Wonder Woman though.

This series just gets better as the story progresses.

Still loving this series.

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