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Wonder Woman, Bd. 3: Krieg (2000)

Wonder Woman, Bd. 3: Krieg (2000)

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About book Wonder Woman, Bd. 3: Krieg (2000)

I loved this arc! I started reading the Azzarello take on Wonder Women as a George Perez fan, so in the first few issues I has mixed feelings - but they were soon dispelled as I delved deeply into the story and the reimagining of the gods of Olympus and Diana herself. I'm very pleased with the way this arc (apparently?) ended. I'm glad there is at least one more volume to read (two, maybe?) before David Finch starts - then, I'm not sure I'll continue reading WW, due to his comments on not wanting to portray her as a feminist. I'm not sure he'll know what to do with her and her incredible legacy. So, Ares (again, I refused to call him 'War', because that's silly) is Brian Azzarello. Right. Hera becomes inexplicably placid and easy going in this volume. Her happily falling in with along with WW's merry band cannot just be because she's suddenly mortal. Then it all gets a bit Cosmic with Orion showing up. And the art starts to go all over the place in the last issue in this collection. Why was it necessary to have three artists for one issue? I do prefer Goran Sudžuka's work over Tony Akins though, it's a better fit with Cliff Chiang's.It was with this volume that I got less bothered with the story. I'm writing this review a couple of weeks after I read it and I had to flick through it again to remember what exactly happened in this volume. Never a good sign.

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This series is so good. I think this was more composed than Guts. Looking forward to the next ones.

If Cliff Chiang had penciled the entire thing this would have been a 5 star review.

Wasn't as good as I had I hoped. Really slow and seemingly drawn out story.

Um pouco abaixo dos dois primeiros. Mas, ainda assim, uma maravilha ^^

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