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Avoiding Decisions (2000)

Avoiding Decisions (2000)
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Avoiding Decisions (2000)
Avoiding Decisions (2000)

About book: This novella is useless. I don't understand the need to write this one when it didn't help the story at all. Well, yeah... sure I was able to know what's going on inside Jack and Ramsey's head but I wish I didn't!Why? Because I felt that Jack became an asshole because of Lexi. He was a good guy. He was faithful, maybe not too faithful to Danielle but he wasn't the type to hurt his girlfriend, or slept around until Lexi showed up. I mean really? So what was that trying to imply? Of course I knew that they have this unexplainable connection between them but then again the way the author wrote this one was so... I don't know? I just don't like it.As per Ramsey, well... I have been a Team Ramsey since he showed up in the story. And up to book 3 I was rooting for him. But honestly, after reading this one, it made me question his actions toward Parker. I don't know. Sure he loved Lexi that much but the way how Parker screwed his head for so long made me doubt if he ever got over her... because yeah, he never got over the abortion so most probably he wasn't totally over with Parker too.See? I finished the series but after reading this very short novella, I don't know? It made me question the series even more! Tsk. 4 Stars for this 62 page novella!This novella is broken in 1/2; the first part is Jack's point of view from his first encounter with Lexi and the second part is Ramsey's point of view from his fist encounter with Lexi. We are also given a bit of insight where both men are in their life including relationships, emotions and family dramas. I'm glad I read this novella! It gave me a new insight on Ramsey! (*clears throat*) I was really pushing for him in book 1 but K.A. Linde left his little secret in this novella! Now, I'm not sure what the heck I feel about him! Besides the fact that he is still gorgeous, sexy, rich, and swoontastic! Ugh! These men drive me crazy! And of course there is Jack. Gosh, he still pulls my heart strings majorly and I am so glad to have read about his insight on Danielle. BUT STILL!!! 2 wrongs never make a right! ;) Let's not forget Becka (the mega bitch!). She. Is. Up. To. No. Good! I hate her!!!! Now, off to book 2! :D
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This was pointless, their brief POV didn't add anything to the story at all
Good to see the point from jack and Ramsey
Aw...this made me like Jack so much more.
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