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Dark Citadel (2009)

Dark Citadel (2009)

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Love this second book in the series, it is still very educational. This tends to happen when there are newbies involved. It doesn't detract from the story, it is just an observation upon reading the series a second time around. Kari is as spunky and fun as the first heroine in the series. She is a perfect match for Master Dan, who is oh so serious. Plus a Cop and a teacher is a perfect pairing. Love it!!Super yummy smexy scenes!!! Oh yesh!!! Plenty of steam and playtime in the club. I am not sure I would be into all of that, especially the picnic games. To each their own, and this is about exploring that sexuality. Definitely a hawt read.This is a mixed narrative, you get both leads POV alternating throughout the read. This is big for really understanding the whole mindset of the relationship. It is also important because if you only had her POV, you might think Dan is a big dumb jerk.The overall romance is quick but I can deal with that in the smexy books. Sometimes lust and chemistry take over first, I know the true feelings come later.I listened to the audiobook narrated by Noah Michael Levine. who is yummilicious!! I love the deep rumble in his voice. It does all sorts of things to my girly parts when he reads the naughty bits!! He has that Dom voice down, seriously hot! He has a great pace through the read and makes the women feminine without going too far. Definitely on my hit list!I am loving reading this series a second time in audio, it is a refreshing visit with old friends! Good , very entertaining , but too short too, just like the first one, but generally a very fast read... and very fun... i'm liking the characters more and more , and like most times i was kind of iffy about the books and now i just bought the fourth one ... and i most likely will keep buying ...this one is a character taht i like better than Mater Z, Master Dan , has more dominance in him , and his story is more juicy, the Sub ... mmmm im on the fence about her... but over all i like it a lot.

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I seem to be flying through these books at break neck speed. How can i not, they are awesome.

4 stars for this enjoyable light BDSM story.

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