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This Is Who I Am (2013)

This is Who I Am (2013)

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162300148X (ISBN13: 9781623001483)
Loose Id, LLC

About book This Is Who I Am (2013)

This is Sam's story. I've been wanting/dreading to read his story. I'm surprised how much i enjoyed it given the subject matter. I was thinking it might be a little too hardcore for me. So, I consider it a pretty big accomplishment that the author was able to write scenes involving s&m and have them be unbelievably hot and emotional even for those not in the lifestyle. It must be my prudish nature but I'm a little uncomfortable writing this review. The scenes were so well written that I could really truly believe that Linda experienced pleasure from the pain and Cherise dragged me along for the ride, blushing the whole way. Sam was such a great character...a sadistic cowboy:) Will definitely reread. This is one of my favorites of Cherise's books. I wasn't sure I would like to read about a sadist relationship but Cherise gave me an insight into this side of sexuality and shows the emotions behind the need for an SM relationship. I love how she delves into the minds of her characters. As the reader I was drawn to Sam and Linda and their need for each other. Linda's journey of healing and acceptance is one many of us have gone through.

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Can't get enough of all the masters. Gets better with each book.

This might have been my favorite book.

Sam is a sadist you'll love!

Love Sam & Linda...

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