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Make Me, Sir (2011)

Make Me, Sir (2011)

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About book Make Me, Sir (2011)

Too long. I've never actually hoped I was near the end of a book but with this one I did. I didn't like how entire scenes between Zachary and Jessica played out in the middle of Marcus and Gabrielle's story. Gabrielle also had too many issues. Stick to one major issue for her to hurdle and that would been better. Over the book was ok but I just wasn't feeling it in the end. This is my favourite Shadowlands book in the series.Gabby is hilarious in her bratty behaviour, and the punishments are well thought out by Marcus. Puppy Play has taken on a new light for me... something I may even find fun. For a social worker, Gabby took on the role as 'bait' perfectly. I enjoyed her struggle between being naturally bratty, and faking it. I ached for her when she just wanted to surrender, but had to break out of the moment to attract attention. Marcus makes me want to swoon at his feet. He is both charming and sexy. I would sign up for training with him in a heartbeat. Attentive and intelligent enough to see the difference between Gabrielle's fake bratty and real bratty. I felt bad for his confusion, but cheered that he took it on the chin and tried to help Gabby get to where she needed to be.The plot twists were great. I love some action with my sexy, and this was just enough to not take over the story. The garden scene was totally hot. I was completely in the moment with them. I would recommend this to all who love this genre. For those just entering into bdsm reading, I would like to acknowledge a potential trigger for rape survivors. There is some non-con in this book, as part of the ongoing plot of sex slave trafficking, and Gabby is a survivor of a brutal attack in her past. Please have someone you trust on call, in the event this triggers your own past.

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Could not put this book down! The addition of the mystery to the story line is an excellent idea.

I really enjoyed this book. I highly recommend it.

This book is a great read!


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