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Desiderio Eterno (2011)

Desiderio eterno (2011)

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About book Desiderio Eterno (2011)

Desire Unchained is book two of the series by Larissa Ione (A Demonica Novel). It begins a year after the events in book one in Ione's wonderfully rich, creative fantasy world. Although it is possible to read this without book one (a stand alone), it is definitely better to read them in order. Events and characters from one are mentioned in book two. The wealth of characters and details about the demon species can be overwhelming without the knowledge from Pleasure Unbound. But if you don't want to read the first, there is enough background information about pivotal characters in Desire Unchained for newcomers.As in book one, the story is really character driven. The strong emotional connections between characters and their morals/ideals not only enhance the story, but often is the plot focus. Sade, the Seminus Demon, is upon his s'genesis, where he would change into an even more lustful incubus that can shape-shift into any other creature his size or larger in order to impregnate as many female demons as possible, that is if he doesn't mate first. We also meet Runa Wagner, one of Shade's ex-girlfriends. Shade broke her heart about a year ago when she caught him in bed with two demons (one being a vampire). She was devastated and all he could do was ask if she would like to join. She ran out of the apartment only to be taken down by a werewolf and left for dead. She blamed Shade for breaking her heart and for her being turned into a monster. Never in a million years would she expect to be imprisoned with Shade and, more shocking, caring about him. Shade wanted to stay away from Runa, even as they were dating, because he was becoming too attached and he feared falling in love with another because a curse. But, while they were in captivity, Shade and Runa were tricked into the Sim mating ritual. Shade was bound to Runa, but not the other way around. This story unfolds the mixed emotions as Shade fights his feelings for his mate and Runa attempts to understand this strange new world at the same time they must work with Ky, Gem, Tayla, Wrath, Eidolon (the latter two being Shade's brothers) to defeat a deadly foe.Desire Unchained is darker than Pleasure Unbound because Shade's fear of activating the curse, Runa's anger toward Shade's betrayal, and the much more deadly villain, who is connected to the happenings of the first book, but not identified. Get attached to all the characters through the first novel, by reading E's story, before reading the darker journey of Shade's life. There are exciting plot twists. I was able to predict a few, even before starting this book, but others were totally shocking. Just like book one, erotic scenes are woven throughout the text, but the story is so intricate since it is character based. This book will be enjoyable for those who enjoy paranormal romance, paranormal action, and erotica. I highly recommend this book (series). So I just finished reading Desire Unchained second book in the Demonica series. I loved Shade from the first book so I couldn’t wait to read this book. But I will have to say the first book was better than this one. The pace and storyline were great. The characters once again were awesome. Shade is still my favorite character. Like I said before he got some major swag. I didn’t really like Wraith all that much, but after reading this book he has grown on me. I am definitely looking forward to reading his story. The other characters I have fell in love with are Gem and Kynan. I knew they were going to have something from the first book. I really really want to read their story I hope they have a book just for them. This book wasn’t as hot and steaming as Pleasure Unbound. One scene particular had me thinking of two dogs getting it on, and that doesn’t appeal to me at all. Really it was kind of gross. I definitely don’t want that picture in my head. But other than that this book was the bomb and I couldn’t get enough of it. It captivated my attention from the very beginning and I am looking forward to reading the next book.

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I really like this series and this installment. Runa and Shade are great.

Another great demonica novel by a great author:-)

4.5 stars! I’m hooked on this author!

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