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Passion Déchaînée (2012)

Passion déchaînée (2012)

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About book Passion Déchaînée (2012)

The solution to Serena & Wraith's situation was honestly annoyingly easy to me. I hate knowing 7% into a book what the solution to the life altering problem is. The main story arc was unfortunately just too predictable & overly simplistic for me. I listened to the majority of this book on audible & the narrator's voice was not pleasant imo. I just could't get into the book. =( I really wanted to love this book but it's just a 3 star book.Super happy about the gem situation!! I enjoyed this a lot more then the second book. I was getting tired with the whole I have to kill my one true love to survive thing, but this one managed to make it work and largely avoid the ick factor, unlike the last one. The main story really had me hooked, even though it was pretty obvious how it would resolve. However, I amused that the author or least her characters don't know what "celibate" means. Hint, it doesn't mean does everything sexual with the exception of vaginal intercourse. I was disappointed in the lameness that became the Ky and Gem side story. After getting off to such a great start in the previous books this turned it to the tired its-great-but-won't-work-in-the-future-so-let's-end-now that I so despise in romances.Although more plots points opened up, the three books feel like they make up a complete story and I am OK with not reading further right now, although I'm sure I'll read the rest at some point.

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Definitely your bad boy, tortured hero, hot paranormal romance!

Freaking amazeballs , I really liked Wraith's story .

Oh yeah this book is a definite must read.

This book was by far my Favorite.

loved it!!!

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