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Series: Charley Davidson

by Author Darynda Jones


Seventh Grave and No Body (2014)

Okay, I admit it! Reading this series is like having a dirty little secret. It is so good that you want to tell your friends about it, but then you're, I'll just keep this one to myself. This book picked up where the last one stopped and just zoomed into action. It was fast-paced a...

Seventh Grave and No Body (2014) by Darynda Jones

Sixth Grave on the Edge (2014)

Charley’s back and as irreverent as ever. Holding Reyes off (it’s a yes or no question), getting Cookie with Ubie, worrying about Dad, and finally wondering about Mr. Wong. BTW I love the new bedroom. It was a busy book with a lot of subplots which would be spoiler-y to get into, but it makes me ...

Sixth Grave on the Edge (2014) by Darynda Jones

Fifth Grave Past the Light (2013)

It is truly a sign of genius when, after five books, Ms. Jones can keep the stories fresh and entertaining, the humor hilarious and the interest just as strong as the very first book. In this installment the funny did feel a little forced a few times but never enough to slow it down. The relati...

Fifth Grave Past the Light (2013) by Darynda Jones

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (2012)

Aslında puanına karar veremiyorum... 4.5'ta olabilir... Beni gerçekten eğlendiren, merakta bırakan, bazı kısımlarında üzmeyi bile başaran bir seri. Böyle hevesle takip ettiğim fantastik seriler çok sınırlıdır. (Tabii ki takip ediyorum, ama hepsini hevesle beklemiyorum.) Karakterlerin işlenişi, su...

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (2012) by Darynda Jones

Third Grave Dead Ahead (2012)

I've just finished reading this, and Im feeling a little too awestruck to review it now that I've spent about 8 hours reading it non-stop, but one thing for sure I would've given it a 10 stars if that existed on Goodreads, I don't remember the last time I actually giggled while reading a book. th...

Third Grave Dead Ahead (2012) by Darynda Jones

İlerden Üçüncü Mezar (2014)

This is not my usual genre as of late, although I read the first two books a couple of years ago. Charley Davidson, the grim reaper, PI with a twist. I would have to say that this was the best book of the series so far. While Jones continues with her underlying plotline of Charley/Reyes, she a...

İlerden Üçüncü Mezar (2014) by Darynda Jones

Second Grave on the Left (2011)

2º livro da saga de uma detective particular que é uma ponta para as almas que ficaram presas na terra poderem atravessar para o outro lado. Pelo meio temos o filho do Diabo que nasceu por ser ter apaixonado por ela... Com um sentido de humor particular, confesso que gostei muito mais do 1º livro...

Second Grave on the Left (2011) by Darynda Jones

Soldan İkinci Mezar (2011)

Ok, I read this book so fast I didn't even have time to put it on my Goodreads "Reading" shelf before I was done with it. I read the last half last night, I just couldn't put it down. This is a very funny book, and with Charlie and Cookies' quick-witted banter I found myself laughing out loud at ...

Soldan İkinci Mezar (2011) by Darynda Jones

Segunda tumba a la izquierda (2011)

I am unduly aggravated by the ending, really... Charley you selfish bitch! I would rant further and reveal spoilers but I just can't be bothered.. No, but seriously couldn't she just stop and really ponder the consequences of her action at the end.. I thought she was supposed to just simply know ...

Segunda tumba a la izquierda (2011) by Darynda Jones

First Grave on the Right (2011)

I really like the snarky attitude of the protagonist of this series. I found the universe that it is set in and the plot to be very interesting. I have a few things about it that I don't like. For one, apparently all the men in this universe are attractive, and abnormally so, because the protagon...

First Grave on the Right (2011) by Darynda Jones

Primera tumba a la derecha (2011)

J'ai adoré Charley ! Sa personnalité est géniale drôle, sarcastique, féminine ! c'est un plaisir de suivre quelqu'un comme elle ! Le mystère derrière Reyes était vraiment haletant ! Tous les personnages sont très intéressants ! Par contre il y a quelque points qui m'ont chiffoner,1. l'enquete pri...

Primera tumba a la derecha (2011) by Darynda Jones