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Hard And Fast (2009)

Hard and Fast (2009)

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0425228479 (ISBN13: 9780425228470)

About book Hard And Fast (2009)

Hard and Fast is the second book in Erin McCarthy's Fast Track series. This is Ty and Imogen's story. Imogen is working on her thesis for her PhD in Sociology with a topic of testing the idea of “How to marry a race car drive in 6 easy steps” to see if it is true. Ty is a race car driver who's life revolves round driving. He has only dated women for sex but when he gets to know Imogen, he wants more of a relationship. Imogen has been attracted to Ty for quite a while but has hidden her feelings for him so she is surprised and really happy when Ty shows he is interested in her.I have really liked the Fast Track series but in this book I thought Imogen was too controlled and thought everything out way too much. In the last book, Ty was shown as a man who slept around a lot but not so much in this book. I enjoyed this book but found it to be more of an erotic romance than I would have liked. There were a lot of sex scene which I found unnecessary.The covers are fantastic but, honestly, I don't picture race car drivers to be that muscular. In all of the books in this series, the only 'work out' the men get is when they are having sex and, I could be wrong, but I don't think sex gives muscles like the one on the covers.I think “Flat-Out Sexy” #1 in this series was a great book so it is hard for the rest to hold up to that one. Another consistently-good book in this series from Ms. McCarthy. I'm not a stock car (or any racing car) fan, but I stumbled on this series at the library and picked it up while I was waiting for one of my targeted selections to come available. This really is an enjoyable series. All the characters, while down-home Southern, are quite likable...and funny. It's a good lighthearted read with some steamy stuff thrown in for good measure. The author seems pretty big on archetypes, so each book's character has a really strong personality type, which can feel a bit like an after-school message...but, the writing is so easy and funny, that you get over that pretty quickly. This book in the series focuses on a bit of an uptight smart girl (complete with glasses and all the other trappings of a "smart girl"). And, she's paired with a romantic lead who is bright and smart himself, but has a significant learning disability that he hides well (and from her). ('re getting where the after-school special vibe comes in.) But, it executes well, and, of the three books I've read in this series, I think I liked this one the best. There's no angsty drama in this series...yes, there is the inevitable misunderstanding/conflict, but it isn't overly dramatic and heart wrenching as some authors go for. If you're into an easy light read with some steamy moments, this really is an enjoyable series. And, if you're into car racing, or the men that do...this will really float your boat.

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Second book in the series.Ty & Imogen.LOVED the characters, loved their story.

Better then first but annoying.

4.5 stars

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