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Island Of Legends (2014)

Island of Legends (2014)
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Island Of Legends (2014)
Island Of Legends (2014)

About book: Great book, really enjoyed it. Written with the originality of a classic. I was shocked for a few chapters and wasn't sure if I really liked the sudden change, but I came to my senses and I found the sudden twists an new characters cool and interesting. One thing though, the author Lisa Mcmann made a mistake near the last 3rd of the book. She wrote several sentences implying that ebony is a rock. Ebony is in fact a very dense wood, not a rock. This annoyed me a bit and I'm surprise the editor didn't catch it, but then again perhaps there's something I'm not catching. (A reference to something else maybe?) anyway, I found the book pretty good, a great addition to the series. I love this series, Island of Fire was amazing from start to finish, but this one seemed a big long for the amount of events that happened. This little love thing that is happening and not happening needs to end. Lets hope that the last book wraps up whatever this is. I feel like the "Island of Legends" was just an after thought in this story and not really the main focus, "Island of Fire" would have been a better choice of a title for this book. Other than that a good book to keep the series going.
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Awesome! Sad part is now I have to wait til February to read book 5 on my Kindle.
I cannot wait for the next ones to be published!!
This book ends in a cliffhanger.
I love this book
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