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The Unwanteds (2011)

The Unwanteds (2011)

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About book The Unwanteds (2011)

I was disappointed in this story. I love other books by this author but this one missed the mark. I found the pacing to be slow. But my biggest issue was that the main character, Alex, seemed to be devoid of any personality. It was hard to root for him because he was the least interesting of any of the characters. Towards the end during the action scene things picked up a bit. But overall I was left not wanting to read the 3 books that follow. I thought that this book was very interesting and addictive. Once I read the first chapter I was totally hooked on it. The characters in the were very real for the story. Each character had a unique personality that just made the book that much better. There is one character that is mean and then theres one with a big mouth so there is plenty of different people in the story. The characters go along to the story line to the best that they could possibly. Like I said before the story was very grabbing and the plot was great once the story started. The writing style was great the author uses italic and a bunch of other eye catching fonts. For every sentence the correct punctuation was used. The setting was perfect with the story because it was about a magical place and the setting was magical. The pages are filled with excellent information and you just don't want to stop reading. Yes because the book is great for all ages and it has great content that will blow your mind.

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more like the giver and harry potter than the hunger games and harry potter

Eh. This novel was trying to be more than it ended up being.

Such a a fun ride that you should ABSOLUTELY read!

Creativity rocks!!!!!!

it was good

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