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No Good Duke Goes Unpunished (2013)

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished (2013)

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0062068547 (ISBN13: 9780062068545)

About book No Good Duke Goes Unpunished (2013)

I really found this installment of the Rules of Scoundrels story to be the best one - both in terms of relationship and in terms of the overall style of writing. From the first sentence, I knew this book would be different and better than the previous two simply in terms of her writing. I've always enjoyed MacLean's books, but this one really stands out. Usually, in a series like this one, I figure out the characters I'm going to really love about halfway through the first book, but that didn't happen for me in this series. I liked Bourne, really liked Cross, and didn't have an opinion about Temple until I started his story. I felt like I got to know him as Mara got to know him, and by the end, I absolutely loved him. Mara was a great match for him and Temple's realizations of her as his equal in all of the important ways made this novel stand out from most other Regency romances that I've read before (and I have read many of them)! I actually put my phone down and screeched (in a very ladylike manner) at about 90% of this book because I wanted Mara and Temple to work things out so badly. Thoroughly enjoyed this installment and I'm looking forward to more of this particular writing style from MacLean in the future. Enjoyed it.... the misunderstanding and the non-disclosure thing worked, it was a fine line but it definitely worked. Usually the middle of a series is the weakest... I found that this series did not drop off at all.... each book provided it's own pleasure. Once again a fallen angel gambling hell series, but these are just pure fun. Enjoyed the narration, a solid 4.25, narration a 4.5.

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I love how her stories are connected. Can't wait for the last book in the Fallen Angels series!!

Although I saw the twists coming, a very enjoyable read.

Love this book!

2.5 stars.

Loved it.

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