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The Cold Blue Blood (2002)

The Cold Blue Blood (2002)
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The Cold Blue Blood (2002)
The Cold Blue Blood (2002)

About book: David Handler triumphed with his Stewart "Hoagy" Hoag mystery series, each novel more excellent than the one before. Handler ended that series 1997, leaving his fans bereft -- until the publication of The Cold Blue Blood, the beginning of a new series featuring Mitch Berger, "the lead film critic of the most prestigious -- and therefore the lowest paying -- of the three New York City daily newspapers," and Connecticut State Police lieutenant Desiree Mitry.Berger, a widower for one year, is having a hard time getting on with his life. He undergoes an ephiphany and moves out of New York City to Dorset, Connecticut, landing in a refurbished carriage house on a island, Big Sister, that overlooks Long Island Sound. Soon after, while digging a flower garden, Berger discovers the body of a husband who was thought to have run off with another woman. It turns out the errant husband, Niles Seymour, was killed with the same gun as another murder victim. What is the connection between a waitress at a seedy roadhouse and the husband of a delicate WASP woman whose family roots in Connecticut dated to the 17th century?Berger and Mitry join forces to find out, with Berger using inspiration while Mitry uses more conventional methods. The ending of The Cold Blue Blood will come as a great surprise. What won't come as a surprise is the budding but unlikely romance between the jocular Jewish Berger and the business-like African-American Mitry. I can't wait to read the next in the series, The Hot Pink Farmhouse.

Highly enjoyable mystery. Grieving over the death of his wife, Mitch Berger,teddy-bear NY film reviewer, moves to the New England countryside to write a book on westerns. There he encounters blue bloods, rents a fantasy carriage house complete with roaring fireplace and 270-degree ocean views and solves a local murder with the help of Lieutenant Desiree Mitry, gorgeous, intelligent lady cop of color. Daniel Handler's fast-paced, well written story has outstanding characters - bursting with egalitarianism while remaining completely three dimensional. This fist entry was marred by a highly implausible solution to the mystery, but the book was so much fun I'm cutting it (rare for me) slack and charging off to get the next one!
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The Cold Blue Blood is the 1st book in the Berger and Mitry series. Mitch Berger is a New York City film critic. After the death of his wife, he has become a recluse. He is given an assignment to go to a small town in Connecticut. Impulsively he rents a carriage house while there on Big Sister Island. His life totally turns around from this decision.The book starts out fast with a murder in the prologue. There are more to follow. There are also mysteries from the past. The residents of Big Sister Island are old money and most resent a newcomer in their midst. Lieutenant Des Mitry is in charge of the case. There is chemistry between Des and Mitch. Des rescues feral cats and she finds homes for them with people she meets while on the job. The people who are gifted the cats did not ask for them. She also is an artist who sketches before she starts out her day.There is much to like about this book. One is the location and Mitch's new home. The story/mystery contained mysteries and relationships from the past. The main characters Mitch and Des were different and quite likable. It was interesting watching their relationship progress. Enjoyed the antics and adventures of Des and Bella when they went on cat rescue missions. It was a good enjoyable read. One could see the set up for the next book in the series which is The Hot Pink Farmhouse. I look forward to reading the series.
This is the first book in a series of mysteries. I received this book along with the latest book in the series from a friend for Christmas. Mitch Berger widowed, Jewish New York film critic and Connecticut state cop lieutenant Desiree Mitry, African American graduate of West Point are the sleuths. Mitch rents a summer vacation home on an exclusive island inhabited by blue bloods of New England. A series of murders take place. Mitch willingly and Des unwillingly become partners in solving the crimes. Mitch enjoys employing plots from movies to solve murders and Des mostly hasn't a clue what he is talking about. She is a by book state cop, an artist with a love of stray cats, rescuing them and finding them homes with unwitting owners. The rationale or motives for the murders seemed a little convoluted, but hey maybe it could be argued there is no rationale when it comes to murder. Good start to this series.
This is a standard fair mystery with a couple of things that add to its interest: first it is realtively well written, which is always nice. Second, there is an interrecial romance, which adds interest. I also appreciate all of the film references, though I don't actually get most of them. Most importantly, in this, the first book of the series, the female lead lives in Woodbridge, CT. Specific roads are mentioned. Including one a street away from where I grew up. Sure, there are inaccuracies--the Stop and Show is rendered here as the A&P. But still!
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