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The Emperor's Edge (2000)

The Emperor's Edge (2000)

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About book The Emperor's Edge (2000)

Fun, fun ride. Amaranthe is a hoot, Sicarius is the mysterious and totally attractive assassin (as he was crafted to be, I acknowledge), Sespian is the well-meaning emperor who finds himself unable to do anything thanks to a certain Commander. The rest of the team have their own quirks as well, and while we haven't seen Basilard much yet, the conflicts between his past and his morals will prove to be interesting later. My only regret is that I didn't read this humorous, Michael Bay-esque set in a steampunk world series earlier.* Review may be incoherent due to my lack of sleep * I downloaded this book with a lot if suspicion because it was free on Amazon...but I quickly fell into the storyline and was delighted to get lost in the world.....maybe because I had low expectations, I was happy to read something that was intelligible. The book is not the next "Hunger Games", but it is entertaining. It is the story of an enforcer finding herself on the other side of the government trying to save the emperor...and her plan with an assassin to protect was not the best written or the most riveting, but it was fun. Read if you are looking for some cheap entertainment...and like YA.,

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This is amazing story telling with great characters. Anxious to continue the series.

Loved it and everything about it. From characters to plot.

not what I was expecting, throughly enjoyed this book.

Absolutely loved, one of my favourite books ever

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