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The Sword Thief (2009)

The Sword Thief (2009)

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0545135702 (ISBN13: 9780545135702)
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About book The Sword Thief (2009)

A really fun book to read, now that I've read number 3 I feel like I have to read the whole series. It's exiting, fast paced, and refreshing, if you're a teen, to go read something that's easy. This book is good for people who like mystery and adventure. There is also dealing with loss, growing up, and having relationships. I doubted I would like this series, but I gave it a shot and it's pretty cool. I really liked this book because of all the suspense and you'll never know what will happen next,but Amy and Dan always save a clue at the end(not always). In this book Amy and Dan travel to Japan to find a clue with twos samurai swords next to them. These samurai swords was one of the clues that Amy and Dan found along with another clue with them. They travel all the way to Japan and looked all over Japan for the clue, what will happen? Find out and read the book. I would dedicate this book to ten year old kids and older to read this, it is one of the best books I experienced in my life.

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Third installment. No better or worse than the last two.

it was awesome I loved it

Next in the series. Meh.

it was good


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