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The Taking (2014)

The Taking (2014)

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0062293605 (ISBN13: 9780062293602)

About book The Taking (2014)

Wasn't sure if I would like this. I checked it out on a whim. The first few pages I was iffy because it seemed like bad writing but the story got so good that I couldn't stop reading it. I really enjoyed this actually. It was different then I expected, better. It was almost a refreshing change. It's not going to be revered ever like Divergent or Harry Potter or anything. 4 stars because I liked the story. Really excited about the second one next year. Usually when I don't like a book I still read it to give it a chance but uuhhh I just could not finish this book. I had to put it down a little more than half way through and since I rated it without finishing I feel the need to say why. IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE SPOILED DO NOT READ ON!First Instalove! It was wayyy too quick. Saying I love you on the 4th day??? Really? Especially since she was supposed to be madly in love with his brother her very loooong time boyfriend. How do you get over something like that! Ok next, she was just plain mean to everyone but Tyler. I don't care how crazy your life has turned upside down everyone was left behind and suffered your loss so get over yourself! Getting a toy to make her toddler brother squirm for it and then her purposefully not give it to him was just too much. I don't want to read about stupid snobs who do things like this to children for fun. After reading that am I then supposed to feel fuzzy inside when she is all lovey with Tyler? Sorry I can't Im still thinking about the horrible side of you.3rd too much information that was not needed. No more to say on this point.4th. It went slow in the beginning and then when one thing happened everything happened! It was just too much. I felt like I was watching something boil over and I could not turn of the stove on time.The pacing in this was not good at all.5th I could not get over the age difference/non difference if that makes sense. I just could not get over the fact that he was a little 12 year old boy the last she saw him and now she has the hots for him. I felt so weird reading this especially when she thought she was 22 and he was 17 and she just allowed this weird relationship thing to continue. Either way even if she is his age physically or not by law he was under age and she was not. It just was too uncomfortable for me.Anyways I did give it a 2 and not a 0 because 1st I did not finish it and 2nd it was a good concept just not executed In a way that kept my interest.

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Really like it...but l have like all her books fast light read but fun adventures.

Very Well written. Can't wait for the second book.

This is a fantastic spin on the alien conspiracy.

I really enjoyed this book! Would recommend.

The second half made up for the first half.

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