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El Juramento (2011)

El juramento (2011)

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I went into this book after just finishing a series and in desperate need for a dystopian fix. While it does take place in a dystopian society, it really is more of a 'historical fiction' type novel. Which I was fine with, because I enjoy those too. The characters were fun, if a bit two dimensional. Their actions were less show and more tell, and the plot was not difficult to figure out. However I enjoyed it nonetheless. A good quick read for those who want a little romance a little action and a little magic. I'm just going to be honest - this book isn't grabbing me. And it's not the first. I appear to be losing my 'reading bug' and that scares me a little but I'm sure it will resurface eventually. I just keep starting novels such as this one that aren't interesting enough to pull me into the story. After a long line of giving up so many pages in, this one has finally inclined me to stop all together. I shall wait for a while before I try to read again for fear of never being propelled again.This series of books is probably a decent one, but I shan't return to it.

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kimi yerleri orjinal olsana klasik fantastik kitaplarin onune gecememis

Wasn't good, wasn't bad. It just was.

3.75 is my rating

3.5 stars

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