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The Essence (2013)

The Essence (2013)

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1442445599 (ISBN13: 9781442445598)
Margaret K. McElderry

About book The Essence (2013)

Didn't really feel like this was very connected to the first book in the series. It was just so different. The story picked up where the last book left off with the same characters, but the writing style and plot were so different I felt like it was a whole new series. None of the characters seemed as well developed as in the last book; they each had a single defining characteristic that carried them through the book and there was no new developments as the story progressed. I really liked The Pledge, but I was not so impressed with this sequel. It was only an ok read. I'll still read the third one to see how the story progresses though. The Essence... Well first of I am very dissapointed. Book one was great, this series is having a middle book syndrome. The plot? Well they leave the castle,on the train,off the train,castle again amd they go back to Ludania. Kimberly writes this hmm..conservatively. She started to spin the action at the last part of the book. Honestly, I was getting bored at middle part. Oh and welcome new characters.

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It was kind of predictable, but it was a clean, nicely written story.

it was very good not as good as the first one but still really good

Pls stop ...

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