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A Rendição Mais Obscura (2012)

A Rendição Mais Obscura (2012)
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A Rendição Mais Obscura (2012)
A Rendição Mais Obscura (2012)

About book: I don't know why I let myself get behind on this series. As soon as I started reading The Darkest Surrender I remembered what I love so much about them. First off, who doesn't love a book that has Harpies in them? I love Kaia and her sisters. They are so funny. Strider and his demon are perfect for her. This is a wonderful book and now I can't wait to read the next one. I will tell you that I really think these should be read in order. It makes the story so much better to know all that's happened. Initially, I found both of these characters extremely annoying. Kaia is infatuated with Strider, while he is reluctant to succumb to her charms. Strider's reluctance is all due to Kaia having previously slept with Paris; understandable given Paris is the demon of sex & Strider is defeat. Once Strider gave into his feelings for Kaia I liked him a lot. Kaia, on the other hand, continued to annoy me - she has no self confidence, inferiority complex, etc., all of which makes sense due to hr background, but I wanted to maim her, because whenever anyone didn't choose her first for whatever valid reason, she went immediately to the thoughts that they thought her unworthy, they were all liars, everyone is out to get her & hates her, yadda yadda yah. So annoying. That train of thought continued the whole book until the last chapter. Besides me wanting to maim Kaia, this book has a lot of hilarious dialogue. Bianka is awesome & I love Lysander. I wish those two had had a longer book. And more Anya! I don't think a book can have too much Anya. And William, the male Anya. From reviews it looks like Paris' book is going to be blah, which makes sense as I abhor Sienna, but I hear Paris is whiny in it. Ew, whiny males. P.S. I just remembered why Strider should be maimed as well - he gave up the Cloak to those chained temple monsters. Lame.
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I loved Strider!!!! And I'm biased to kick ass, harpies. Kaia and strider are perfect together!!
This was my FAVORITE !!! He is so FUNNY and KAIA is a riot !!
Another one i can just say nothing special.
Loved the games!
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