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Ataque A Los Titanes, Vol. 11 (2000)

Ataque a los Titanes, Vol. 11 (2000)

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About book Ataque A Los Titanes, Vol. 11 (2000)

You know, sometimes I get the feeling that Isayama is making this whole thing up as he goes and he has no idea where this is all headed. And this feeling comes on with particular strength in this volume. The characterization and growth is well done and the dilemmas are interesting, but I just don't feel like this is actually headed in a particular direction, so much as wandering around desperately hoping to stumble across a road. Ah well. Shonen comics. After the thrill of Attack on Titan: Volume 10, I was expecting a lot from Volume 11. Whereas in it's predecessor, it felt like Isayama-san was finally getting into a solid arc and giving the readers some actual, concrete information, suddenly in Volume 11, we were back to theorizing, questioning, and heavy monologuing and character expositions. It felt like taking a step forward only to take two steps back.I know that Isayama has changed his plans for the story on at least a couple of occassions in response to the fans, but I wonder if he is now having trouble wrapping the story up the way he originally intended. The pacing can be erratic even in one manga volume, let alone across the current series. It seems constantly to be jumping from heart-pounding action to dragging conversations with characters "reasoning" their ways into/out of something, usually with ill consequences.Maybe Volume 10 was just so good that Volume 11 couldn't really live up to it without the same sort of action and pacing. Or maybe this is just a volume where the frustration with pacing and character exposition really caught up with Isayama-san. Either way, I'm still looking forward to Volume 12 - I just definitely want it to be more like Volume 10, rather than Volume 11!

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