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Death, And The Girl He Loves (2013)

Death, and the Girl He Loves (2013)

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St. Martin's Griffin

About book Death, And The Girl He Loves (2013)

I'll get right down to it:The main protagonist (Lorelei) is winey, self-doubting, unable to protect herself because she needs two guys to do it for her, and happily accepts all of her Grandparents' lies in order to "protect her".The main antagonist is NOT developed, just thrown in there to make sure the series has a villain.The rest of the characters are also NOT developed, but brought in and brought out when their job is complete for the scene. And they have no other purpose to fight for the main character because she can't do it herself, and throw in a couple of witty lines and than disappear until they are needed. Darynda Jones (the author), doesn't not show but TELL everything throughout the trilogy. She uses words that teenagers DO NOT USE and she repeats things over and over again. She uses “a-k-a” WAY too much.The Angel of Death is hot and the main character is in love with him, we get it SO STOP REPEATING IT EVERY TIME THEY ARE TOGETHER!!!Darynda Jones is a like a forty-something year old, trying to sound like a modern 16-year old girl in high school. It doesn’t work.The series doesn’t work.Her writing doesn’t work. So happy with this book. I freaking love Kenya. Thank you so much Darynda for adding a kick ass character to kick Lorelei's butt into where she should be. Yes, I did feel the magic ending was very abrupt but that was how it was set up to be from the very beginning. Yet, the way Lorelei finds out and the ultimate ending to the War was very believable. So, I'm happy. Very happy. A few loose strings? Yes. I hope there's an adult series lurking in here somewhere...maybe a novella, at least??

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Yeah that twist in time was really hard for me to take but overall I loved the end to this series!

I wish that there would have been more between Jared and Lor. otherwise I really enjoyed it!

Young Adult or teen fiction. Liked it alot. Will read others in the series.

I loved this series but the ending...,a bit of a let down.

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