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D'outre-tombe (2012)

D'outre-tombe (2012)

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About book D'outre-tombe (2012)

So, sixth book of the Night Huntress series, huh? Well, I guess I should say "finally" since it took me ages to actually start it.The reason for this hit me like a train when I talked to Anja and Caro on Twitter a few days ago. The Night Huntress series had such a promising start, especially with Bones or "Chris Pine" (still funny, sorry) and Cat as this hybrid thingy and in general with this kinda new idea about the vampire myth. But I guess even Cat and Bones can't withstand a "been there, done that" situation forever. I still love their chemistry, despite being the main characters for 6 books by now. And now one could get me off Bones Fangirl Train because, come on, it's Bones! He's British, he's the (al)most powerful being in existence and he's hot. But he cannot completely make up for a lack of new plot thingys. In a way, the Night Huntress series is like Supernatural: the brothers are always facing a bigger, badder threat, but they'll always stay in their position as hunters. So do Cat and Bones, they'll always stay funny, adorable and really hot, but each sequel is more like a new case than a dramatical life altering plot feast. And that's okay, really. Because I wouldn't want to miss those two for the world ♥Tots gonna read book 7 asap *slang off* ;) This is the last of the Night Huntress novels for me. I can't stomach even one more.A series should be cohesive, building up to a final battle, or culminating with an epic... something. These novels only belong to a series because someone can date the time that these books were published. That and I guess you can rank them by the number of power increases Cat has had.There is absolutely no character progression, not that there was a lot of depth to these characters to begin with. These characters have no other life when they're not on the page. They don't go home anywhere, they just wait in the wings until it's time to enter and deliver their lines. And Cat and Bones' romance? Ugh. Total filler. Not thriller.

Do You like book D'outre-tombe (2012)?

I'll never stop loving Cat and Bones! Wonderful and I loved it!

Good, but I'm losing some interest in the series.

Cat and Bones just keep getting better!

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