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Five On A Hike Together (2001)

Five on a Hike Together (2001)
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Five On A Hike Together (2001)
Five On A Hike Together (2001)

About book: If it wasn't for those meddlesome kids3 September 2012tAfter a really intense and dark adventure, the Five return for an adventure that seems to be a little less dangerous, though of course we still have the rather nasty and vicious bad guys. This time Blyton has sent the Five on a hike over the moorlands during a long weekend, on which they discover a prison that has been built nearby. On the first day of their hike Timmy injures himself, so they decide to split up, with George and Julian going off to find a vet while Dick and Anne try to find a farm. Unfortunately they are sent in the wrong direction and end up at the house of a rather shady character. As things may have it, a prisoner escapes from the gaol and mistakes Dick for somebody whom he is to give a message (Dick always seems to fall foul of the case of mistaken identity) and learns a little secret about some lost treasure.tBeing an adventurous group of children, they decide to find out a bit more about these mysterious instructions which leads them to a burnt out farm house and a rather gloomy lake. However, the bad guys are also there and are also out looking for this hidden treasure. We should remember (and we are reminded) that this information was given to them by an escaped convict, so we should be aware that this hidden treasure most likely has an owner from whom it has been stolen.tThe crooks in this story are somewhat less ruthless and adept as they were in the previous adventure, and in particular they do not have any weapons, which means that Timmy is a bit more of a threat. We are reminded that Timmy is actually quite a big dog, and a really intelligent one at that. I ponder as to why a pure bred was used in the television series when it is quite clear that Timmy a mongrel in the books.tThere is also a rather amusing scene when they discover that their food has been stolen, so Timmy decides to go and visit the crook's camp and steal their food in return. I also pondered as to why, when they found the equivalent of the crown jewels at the bottom of the lake, that Mr Gaston, the adult that they visited afterwards, did not try to take them for himself. I guess Blyton did not want to have too much double crossing in her stories, and would rather work on the principle that most people were decent people and that there were only a few bad apples.tI have never really liked the bad apple theory namely because it tends to exonerate the actions of a majority of people and that the 'bad apples' pretty much end up being those who simply get caught. In reality the world seems like it is pretty much full of bad apples with only a few good ones standing out of the barrel. However, I guess that was the cynical nature that my previous job bred into me. The more we are confronted with liars and cheats, or with other bad examples of society, we end up beginning to suspect that most people are like that. I guess that that is why a lot of police officers tend to have a very jaded view of society.

I don't even like pork, but when they eat the pork, ham, egg and cheese sandwiches I always want one! How is the five almost always end up eating the most delicious sounding food, and drink the best sounding drinks? Orange and ginger beer, yummy!Now, through a series of mistakes, Dick ends up sleeping in a barn believing George and Julian will be along soon and that this is the farmhouse they agreed to spend the night at. He is mistakenly given a message from an escaped prisoner- the directions to a stolen treasure! Adventure is on as the five go off to find the treasure before Dirty Dick and Maggie, and all over the course of four days before they have to go back to school. Magic really does happen when the five get together, even for a short time.I like in this one that the kids have got to use their heads, it's not as straightforward as some of the others. I like that they see the other side of life and Anne and Dick have to stay with a woman who doesn't think these middle class kids are excellent and treat them as such. A great mystery, and a great book! It's not hard to see why these were so popular.
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I grew up with Enid Blyton books but I cannot grow out of them. Deciding to end the year with a book, Enid Blyton’s Famous Five beckoned to me. “Five on a Hike Together” is a tale of yet another adventure that the five walk into. With a surprising long weekend Julian and Dick plan a hiking trip with George, Anne and the gallant Timmy. It starts off with sandwiches and good village folk but the plans are thwarted with Timmy hurting his leg and paves way for a sudden adventure. With nasty folks on the prowl, lonely heather filled plains, marshland and mysterious clues the book made a cosy read. It was a little disappointing if compared to other Famous Five tales for the adrenaline surge was minimal but Timmy makes it up.
As with all Famous Five books, this is of the same trusted and successful formula. I loved these books as a child and I am delighted that my girls loved them as children too.The stories are adventures of a byegone age, yet still hold the attention of children, around the world...... they have stood the test of time well - and for a great reason.The stories are plausible, fun, adventurous and contain an excellent mix of young characters... with a little bit of everyone in each of them - something that children have obviously known for decades.
Είμαι άρρωστη με πυρετό στο πατρικό μου χρονιάρες μέρες και ήθελα να διαβάσω κάτι εύκολο, χωρίς απαιτήσεις. Πήγα στην παλιά μου βιβλιοθήκη και ξεσκόνισα τις προάλλες κάποια παλιά βιβλία των Μυστικών Εφτά και ένα Ιουλίου Βερν και σήμερα έπιασα αυτό, "Οι Πέντε Φίλοι Πάνε Διακοπές" στα ελληνικά.Με τους Πέντε Φίλους δεν είχα πολλά πάρε δωσε, τις άλλες σειρές είχα διαβάσει περισσότερο. Η συγκεκριμένη περιπέτεια πάντως ήταν ευχάριστη, ευκολοδιάβαστη, με όμορφες περιγραφές της εξοχής της Αγγλίας και γενικά ήταν ένα κείμενο ιδανικό για τη μειωμένη λειτουργία του εγκεφάλου μου σήμερα. Μου γέννησε μια διπλή νοσταλγία: για τα παιδικά μου χρόνια (όπως κάνει κάθε βιβλίο της Ένιντ Μπλάϊτον) και μια νοσταλγία για την Αγγλία που έχω να επισκεφθώ πάνω από 2 χρόνια.
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