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Rogue Rider (2012)

Rogue Rider (2012)

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About book Rogue Rider (2012)

Let's just say, if i were to get any book character to come to life (other then Chase from Molly Mcadams, Taking Chances) it would be Respeh. Not only is he sexy, but he's also brave, considerate and playful (ticks off everything in my book) From the first page Larissa Ione has managed to get me sucked right in and with no escape. Jillian was probably the best heroine in the series. She ain't playing the 'damsel in distress' part that I despise, but instead, she's armed with a shotgun and a lethal sarcasm that I think is down-right hilarious. : SPOLIER :IFYOUDARE~~~Another reason I love Jillian is because, even after she finds out about what Respeh had done to her in the form of Pestilence, (all throughout the books I SOOOO wanted that f*cker to get a new a**hole ripped open, f*cked with a knife instead of d*dlo, and that would just be the foreplay...Harvester would enjoy that too, I'm pretty sure) Anywho, what was i saying, oh yeah, even though Jillian finds out about what Respeh had done to her in the form of Pestilence, she insists on giving Respeh a part of her mind to prevent his insanity from dispersing. I think their match was made in Heaven... or Shoul-gra... where Reaver is... hehehe xoxo Pest is gone but now Reseph is back but his memories are gone of everything Pest did and also his history curtsy of his father/ watcher (the big shocker of this entire book) but Reaver dumps Reseph in the outskirts of a small town where one of the first victims Pest messed up. They are to heal each other but Jillian had a very rough few years after loosing her parents, her cheating/married ex fiancee and being torn up by Soulshredding demons when she was leaving from work. Now isolated in a cabin outside of her small town, while she was out gathering wood she soon finds a very naked, very cold large male and rescuers him form the cold knowing it is a bad thing but helps him into her cabin but in the process has to guard her heart. After trying to get his memory back the which wont happen until he sees something but in the mean time Jillian and Reseph feel their connection starting to bloom, but also some of his memories and Pest is starting to break through the cracks to get out. Now there is a team from DART hanging around and Reseph tries avoiding them but Ky & Arik never expected to find the missing Horseman in their search area. Reaver hope the truth came out different when Ky and Arik found Reseph but now he has to confess his involvement. The memories comes through one day when Jillian screamed when she answered to door to find 3 large people on horseback and one horse was a weird mutation. Now his memories are out and Pest is wreaking havoc in his head and it takes his siblings, watchers and Jillian to get him to calm down but Jillian never expected to be thrown into a family of legendary people.

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A top-notch 4th book to The Lords of Deliverance Series. It would not get out of my head.

Review to come :)

Tão Lindo!!!!!

A great book.

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