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Saga #2 (2012)

Saga #2 (2012)

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i see something that resembles a bit of a manananggal gore at the end. Brings me back to the times i borrow Tagalog horror comics from my aunt who lends them (for business) and i dunno if i ever returned them back lol this was middle grade. horror, gore, weird twists of stories. i think my mom never knew. Pre Stephen King chapter in my life. this is sooo good, sooo addicting and (insert swear) hilarious! I read Saga #1-3 on my way back from LA (found the first book in a shop and figured I'd take the opportunity to just check out the first 3). I became interested in this series first for the art, and for the bizarre imagery when I flipped through it in the shop. I dig that every single character has unexpected, fantastical features, and that it's kinda fairies versus fauns in outer space :)

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Think I'm starting to like this afterall

Horrors...uh yea scary! holy crap.

Omg the Horrors!

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